Erin's Miniatures

Miniature Ramen noodle cup ( inspired Shin cup noodle)
Recently there has been a little change in my work life that hasn’t allowed me much time to do miniature. But I promise more miniatures are coming soon. I will also have my new website coming soon. Thank for your support! These miniature ramen cups will be available on my shop

Working on some miniature sushi keychains! What a mess, I have to definitely reorganize my clay box.

Blue vintage looking teapot set
This set was done for a custom order

Clear miniature resin plates
I did an experiment with resin yesterday and here are the result. I’m pretty happy with how the plates came out! They still need a little sanding but they are looking pretty good. The cookies are my early b-day present from a friend. Thanks, DT!

eataliens said: Hi! Really beautiful and interesting your asian kitchen... the fish looks very tasteful!

Thank you!

Miniature char siu bento/ to go box with sugar cane drink

Miniature Old Asian Kitchen

I have been working on this miniature for a while now, actually it was completed about a month ago but I keep adding stuffs to it. This project was inspired by some of the old Hong Kong miniatures. Take a look at my pinterest to see what I’m talking about: link

Here is my old Asian kitchen. This 100% handmade, everything was handmade by me from scratch. I’m very happy with the way it came out, but I have to say that the pictures don’t do it justice.

Miniature Popeyes chicken tutorial is up! You could download the box template by liking my facebook page

grotesqueswan said: Do you have a youtube channel where you show tutorials on how to make some of your things ? If not could you make a few tutorials ? :)

Yes, I do have a youtube channel.

I have not been able to upload any new tutorials, but I’ll try to upload a new tutorial on how to make miniature Popeyes chicken this week. I have curated some very good miniature tutorials on my channel so do check it out!

1/2 scale miniature teapot.

I love Re-ment, and I collect 1/6 fashion doll, so most my miniature are 1/6 or playscale. But last month, I when to the miniature dollhouse show in Orlando and I was amazed by the miniatures that they have there. The miniatures there was so tiny! They were 1/2 scale and some even smaller. They were amazing, so I decided to try it out. Here is my 1/2 scale miniature teapot. I really like how it came out, but I have to say that the picture doesn’t do it justice. I just can’t get a good focus on it because it’s so small. But here it’s on my niece little hand. Hope you’ll enjoy!